AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 Exam Question 301-320


Question 41. Which AWS feature allows a company to take advantage of usage tiers for services across multiple member accounts?

A. Service control policies (SCPs)
B. Consolidated billing
C. All Upfront Reserved Instances
D. AWS Cost Explorer

Question 42. What is one of the customer’s responsibilities according to the AWS shared responsibility model?

A. Virtualization infrastructure
B. Network infrastructure
C. Application security
D. Physical security of hardware

Question 43. What helps a company provide a lower latency experience to its users globally?

A. Using an AWS Region that is central to all users
B. Using a second Availability Zone in the AWS Region that is using used
C. Enabling caching in the AWS Region that is being used
D. Using edge locations to put content closer to all users

Question 44. How can the AWS Cloud increase user workforce productivity after migration from an on-premises data center?

A. Users do not have to wait for infrastructure provisioning.
B. The AWS Cloud infrastructure is much faster than an on-premises data center infrastructure.
C. AWS takes over application configuration management on behalf of users.
D. Users do not need to address security and compliance issues.

Question 45. Which AWS service provides a quick and automated way to create and manage AWS accounts?

A. AWS QuickSight
B. Amazon Lightsail
C. AWS Organizations
D. Amazon Connect

Question 46. Which Amazon RDS feature can be used to achieve high availability?

A. Multiple Availability Zones
B. Amazon Reserved Instances
C. Provisioned IOPS storage
D. Enhanced monitoring

Question 47. Where should users report that AWS resources are being used for malicious purposes?

A. AWS Abuse team
B. AWS Shield
C. AWS Support
D. AWS Developer Forums

Question 48. Which AWS service needs to be enabled to track all user account changes within the AWS Management Console?

A. AWS CloudTrail
B. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
C. VPC Flow Logs

Question 49. What is an AWS Cloud design best practice?

A. Tight coupling of components
B. Single point of failure
C. High availability
D. Overprovisioning of resources

Question 50. Which of the following is an example of how moving to the AWS Cloud reduces upfront cost?

A. By replacing large variable costs with lower capital investments
B. By replacing large capital investments with lower variable costs
C. By allowing the provisioning of compute and storage at a fixed level to meet peak demand
D. By replacing the repeated scaling of virtual servers with a simpler fixed-scale model

Question 51. When designing a typical three-tier web application, which AWS services and/or features improve availability and reduce the impact failures? (Choose two.)

A. AWS Auto Scaling for Amazon EC2 instances
B. Amazon VPC subnet ACLs to check the health of a service
C. Distributed resources across multiple Availability Zones
D. AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS) to move Amazon EC2 instances into a different Region
E. Distributed resources across multiple AWS points of presence

Question 52. Which cloud design principle aligns with AWS Cloud best practices?

A. Create fixed dependencies among application components
B. Aggregate services on a single instance
C. Deploy applications in a single Availability Zone
D. Distribute the compute load across multiple resources

Question 53. Which of the following are recommended practices for managing IAM users? (Choose two.)

A. Require IAM users to change their passwords after a specified period of time
B. Prevent IAM users from reusing previous passwords
C. Recommend that the same password be used on AWS and other sites
D. Require IAM users to store their passwords in raw text
E. Disable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IAM users

Question 54. A company is migrating from on-premises data centers to the AWS Cloud and is looking for hands-on help with the project. How can the company get this support? (Choose two.)

A. Ask for a quote from the AWS Marketplace team to perform a migration into the company’s AWS account.
B. Contact AWS Support and open a case for assistance
C. Use AWS Professional Services to provide guidance and to set up an AWS Landing Zone in the company’s AWS account
D. Select a partner from the AWS Partner Network (APN) to assist with the migration
E. Use Amazon Connect to create a new request for proposal (RFP) for expert assistance in migrating to the AWS Cloud.

Question 55. How does the AWS Enterprise Support Concierge team help users?

A. Supporting application development
B. Providing architecture guidance
C. Answering billing and account inquires
D. Answering questions regarding technical support cases

Question 56. An application designed to span multiple Availability Zones is described as:

A. being highly available
B. having global reach
C. using an economy of scale
D. having elasticity

Question 57. A new service using AWS must be highly available. Yet, due to regulatory requirements, all of its Amazon EC2 instances must be located in a single geographic area.
According to best practices, to meet these requirements, the EC2 instances must be placed in at least two:

A. AWS Regions
B. Availability Zones
C. subnets
D. placement groups

Question 58. Which AWS tool is used to compare the cost of running an application on-premises to running the application in the AWS Cloud?

A. AWS Trusted Advisor
B. AWS Simple Monthly Calculator
C. AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator
D. Cost Explorer

Question 59. A company has multiple AWS accounts within AWS Organizations and wants to apply the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances benefit to a single account only. Which action should be taken?

A. Purchase the Reserved Instances from master payer account and turn off Reserved Instance sharing.
B. Enable billing alerts in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.
C. Purchase the Reserved Instances in individual linked accounts and turn off Reserved Instance sharing from the payer level.
D. Enable Reserved Instance sharing in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.

Question 60. Which situation should be reported to the AWS Abuse team?

A. In Availability Zone has a service disruption
B. An intrusion attempt is made from an AWS IP address
C. A user has trouble accessing an Amazon S3 bucket from an AWS IP address
D. A user needs to change payment methods due to a compromise