AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 Exam Question Part 5 Version 2022


Question 1. A company has a compliance requirement to record and evaluate configuration changes, as well as perform remediation actions on AWS resources. Which AWS service should the company use?

A. AWS Config
B. AWS Secrets Manager
C. AWS CloudTrail
D. AWS Trusted Advisor

Question 2. A company wants to provide one of its employees with access to Amazon RDS. The company also wants to limit the interaction to only the AWS CLI and AWS software development kits (SDKs). Which combination of actions should the company take to meet these requirements while following the principles of least privilege? (Choose two.)

A. Create an IAM user and provide AWS Management Console access only.
B. Create an IAM user and provide programmatic access only.
C. Create an IAM role and provide AWS Management Console access only.
D. Create an IAM policy with administrator access and attach it to the IAM user.
E. Create an IAM policy with Amazon RDS access and attach it to the IAM user.

Question 3. Which AWS service gives users on-demand, self-service access to AWS compliance control reports?

A. AWS Config
B. Amazon GuardDuty
C. AWS Trusted Advisor
D. AWS Artifact

Question 4. A web developer is concerned that a DDoS attack could target an application. Which AWS services or features can help protect against such an attack? (Choose two.)

A. AWS Shield
B. AWS CloudTrail
C. Amazon CloudFront
D. AWS Support Center
E. AWS Service Health Dashboard

Question 5. Which AWS Trusted Advisor check is available to all AWS users?

A. Core checks
B. All checks
C. Cost optimization checks
D. Fault tolerance checks

Question 6. A user has limited knowledge of AWS services, but wants to quickly deploy a scalable Node.js application in the AWS Cloud. Which service should be used to deploy the application?

A. AWS CloudFormation
B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
C. Amazon EC2
D. AWS OpsWorks

Question 7. Which tool can be used to create alerts when the actual or forecasted cost of AWS services exceeds a certain threshold?

A. Cost Explorer
B. AWS Budgets
C. AWS Cost and Usage Report
D. AWS CloudTrail

Question 8. AnyCompany recently purchased Example Corp. Both companies use AWS resources, and AnyCompany wants a single aggregated bill. Which option allows AnyCompany to receive a single bill?

A. Example Corp. must submit a request to its AWS solutions architect or AWS technical account manager to link the accounts and consolidate billing.
B. AnyCompany must create a new support case in the AWS Support Center requesting that both bills be combined.
C. Send an invitation to join the organization from AnyCompany’s AWS Organizations master account to Example Corp.
D. Migrate the Example Corp. VPCs, Amazon EC2 instances, and other resources into the AnyCompany AWS account.

Question 9. A company is building an application that requires the ability to send, store, and receive messages between application components. The company has another requirement to process messages in first-in, first-out (FIFO) order. Which AWS service should the company use?

A. AWS Step Functions
B. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
C. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
D. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Question 10. Which AWS services offer compute capabilities? (Choose two.)

A. Amazon EC2
B. Amazon S3
C. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
D. Amazon Cognito
E. AWS Lambda

Question 11. Which AWS service or feature requires an internet service provider (ISP) and a colocation facility to be implemented?

B. Amazon Connect
C. AWS Direct Connect
D. Internet gateway

Question 12. Which AWS service allows customers to purchase unused Amazon EC2 capacity at an often discounted rate?

A. Reserved Instances
B. On-Demand Instances
C. Dedicated Instances
D. Spot Instances

Question 13. Which AWS service provides the ability to host a NoSQL database in the AWS Cloud?

A. Amazon Aurora
B. Amazon DynamoDB
C. Amazon RDS
D. Amazon Redshift

Question 14. A company wants to be notified when its AWS Cloud costs or usage exceed defined thresholds. Which AWS service will support these requirements?

A. AWS Budgets
B. Cost Explorer
C. AWS CloudTrail
D. Amazon Macie

Question 15. What is the customer’s responsibility when using AWS Lambda?

A. Operating system configuration
B. Application management
C. Platform management
D. Code encryption

Question 16. Which of the following is the customer’s responsibility when using Amazon RDS?

A. Patching the operating system of underlying hardware
B. Controlling traffic to and from the database through security groups
C. Running backups that enable point-in-time recovery of a DB instance
D. Replacing failed DB instances

Question 17. Which tool can be used to identify scheduled changes to the AWS infrastructure?

A. AWS Personal Health Dashboard
B. AWS Trusted Advisor
C. Billing Dashboard
D. AWS Config

Question 18. A workload on AWS will run for the foreseeable future by using a consistent number of Amazon EC2 instances. What pricing model will minimize cost while ensuring that compute resources remain available?

A. Dedicated Hosts
B. On-Demand Instances
C. Spot Instances
D. Reserved Instances

Question 19. What are the advantages of deploying an application with Amazon EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones? (Choose two.)

A. Preventing a single point of failure
B. Reducing the operational costs of the application
C. Allowing the application to serve cross-region users with low latency
D. Increasing the availability of the application
E. Increasing the load of the application

Question 20. A company is running a self-managed Oracle database directly on Amazon EC2 for its steady-state database. The company wants to reduce compute costs. Which option should the company use to maximize savings over a 3-year term?

A. EC2 Dedicated Instances
B. EC2 Spot Instances
C. EC2 Reserved Instances
D. EC2 On-Demand Instances

Question 21. How should a web application be deployed to ensure high availability in the AWS Cloud?

A. Deploy multiple instances of the application in multiple Availability Zones.
B. Deploy multiple instances of the application in a single Availability Zone.
C. Deploy the application to a compute-optimized Amazon EC2 instance in a single Availability Zone.
D. Deploy the application in one Amazon EC2 instance in an Auto Scaling group.

Question 22. A company has an AWS-hosted website located behind an Application Load Balancer. The company wants to safeguard the website from SQL injection or cross- site scripting. Which AWS service should the company use?

A. Amazon GuardDuty
C. AWS Trusted Advisor
D. Amazon Inspector

Question 23. Which AWS service can be used to retrieve compliance reports on demand?

A. AWS Secrets Manager
B. AWS Artifact
C. AWS Security Hub
D. AWS Certificate Manager

Question 24. A company wants to connect to AWS over a private, low-latency connection from its remote office. What is the recommended method to meet these requirements?

A. Create a VPN tunnel
B. Connect across the public internet
C. Use VPC peering to create a connection.
D. Use AWS Direct Connect.

Question 25. Which AWS Cloud design principles can help increase reliability? (Choose two.)

A. Using monolithic architecture
B. Measuring overall efficiency
C. Testing recovery procedures
D. Adopting a consumption model
E. Automatically recovering from failure

Question 26. Which AWS service or feature is used to send both text and email messages from distributed applications?

A. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
B. Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
C. Amazon CloudWatch alerts
D. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Question 27. A company wants to ensure its infrastructure is designed for fault tolerance and business continuity in the event of an environmental disruption. Which AWS infrastructure component should the company replicate across?

A. Edge locations
B. Availability Zones
C. Regions
D. Amazon Route 53

Question 28. Which AWS service should a cloud practitioner use to identify security vulnerabilities of an AWS account?

A. AWS Secrets Manager
B. Amazon Cognito
C. Amazon Macie
D. AWS Trusted Advisor

Question 29. Which AWS service can be used to privately store and manage versions of source code?

A. AWS CodeBuild
B. AWS CodeCommit
C. AWS CodePipeline
D. AWS CodeStar

Question 30. Which AWS service or feature can be used to prevent SQL injection attacks?

A. Security groups
B. Network ACLs
D. IAM policy

Question 31. How can AWS enable a company to control expenses as an application’s usage changes unpredictably?

A. AWS will refund the cost difference if a customer moves to larger servers.
B. The application can be built to scale up or down automatically as resources are needed
C. Spot instances will automatically be used if the price is lower than on-demand instances.
D. Amazon CloudWatch will automatically predict what resources are needed.

Question 32. A pharmaceutical company operates its infrastructure in a single AWS Region. The company has thousands of VPCs in a various AWS accounts that it wants to interconnect. Which AWS service or feature should the company use to help simplify management and reduce operational costs?

A. VPC endpoint
B. AWS Direct Connect
C. AWS Transit Gateway
D. VPC peering

Question 33. Which cloud computing benefit does AWS demonstrate with its ability to offer lower variable costs as a result of high purchase volumes?

A. Pay-as-you-go pricing
B. High availability
C. Global reach
D. Economies of scale

Question 34. The AWS IAM best practice for granting least privilege is to:

A. apply an IAM policy to an IAM group and limit the size of the group.
B. require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all IAM users.
C. require each IAM user who has different permissions to have multiple passwords.
D. apply an IAM policy only to IAM users who require it.

Question 35. A company is building an application that needs to deliver images and videos globally with minimal latency. Which approach can the company use to accomplish this in a cost effective manner?

A. Deliver the content through Amazon CloudFront.
B. Store the content on Amazon S3 and enable S3 cross-region replication.
C. Implement a VPN across multiple AWS Regions.
D. Deliver the content through AWS PrivateLink.

Question 36. A company wants to track AWS resource configuration changes for compliance reasons. Which AWS feature can be used to meet this requirement?

A. AWS Cost and Usage Report
B. AWS Organizations service control policies (SCPs)
C. AWS Config rules
D. VPC Flow Logs

Question 37. A company is expecting a short-term spike in internet traffic for its application. During the traffic increase, the application cannot be interrupted. The company also needs to minimize cost and maximize flexibility. Which Amazon EC2 instance type should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. On-Demand Instances
B. Spot Instances
C. Reserved Instances
D. Dedicated Hosts

Question 38. What are the benefits of consolidated billing for AWS Cloud services? (Choose two.)

A. Volume discounts
B. A minimal additional fee for use
C. One bill for multiple accounts
D. Installment payment options
E. Custom cost and usage budget creation

Question 39. An external auditor has requested that a company provide a list of all its IAM users, including the status of users’ credentials and access keys. What it the SIMPLEST way to provide this information?

A. Create an IAM user account for the auditor, granting the auditor administrator permissions.
B. Take a screenshot of each user’s page in the AWS Management Console, then provide the screenshots to the auditor.
C. Download the IAM credential report, then provide the report to the auditor.
D. Download the AWS Trusted Advisor report, then provide the report to the auditor.

Question 40. A company wants to transfer petabytes of data as quickly as possible from on-premises locations to the AWS Cloud. Which AWS service should the company use?

A. AWS Snowball
B. AWS Global Accelerator
C. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
D. Amazon Connect

Question 41. Which of the following services can be used to block network traffic to an instance? (Choose two.)

A. Security groups
B. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) flow logs
C. Network ACLs
D. Amazon CloudWatch
E. AWS CloudTrail

Question 42. According to the AWS shared responsibility model, which of the following are AWS responsibilities? (Choose two.)

A. Network infrastructure and virtualization of infrastructure
B. Security of application data
C. Guest operating systems
D. Physical security of hardware
E. Credentials and policies

Question 43. A company needs to track the activity in its AWS accounts, and needs to know when an API call is made against its AWS resources. Which AWS tool or service can be used to meet these requirements?

A. Amazon CloudWatch
B. Amazon Inspector
C. AWS Cloud Trail

Question 44. Under the AWS shared responsibility model, which task is the customer’s responsibility when managing AWS Lambda functions?

A. Creating versions of Lambda functions
B. Maintaining server and operating systems
C. Scaling Lambda resources according to demand
D. Updating the Lambda runtime environment

Question 45. Which AWS service automatically handles application health monitoring?

A. Amazon API Gateway
B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
C. AWS Lambda
D. AWS Config

Question 46. A user can increase operational efficiency in the AWS Cloud by:

A. leveraging AWS managed services.
B. right-sizing AWS infrastructure.
C. manually creating all necessary resources.
D. managing their own software license.

Question 47. According to security best practices, how should an Amazon EC2 instance be given access to an Amazon S3 bucket?

A. Hard code an IAM user’s secret key and access key directly in the application, and upload the file.
B. Store the IAM user’s secret key and access key in a text file on the EC2 instance, read the keys, then upload the file.
C. Have the EC2 instance assume a role to obtain the privileges to upload the file.
D. Modify the S3 bucket policy so that any service can upload to it at any time.

Question 48. Which of the following IT tasks does AWS perform to offload a company’s IT resource management responsibilities? (Choose two.)

A. Configuring operating system firewalls
B. Setting up access controls for data
C. Backing up databases
D. Configuring database user accounts
E. Installing operating systems

Question 49. Which AWS service can help a company detect an outage of its website servers and redirect users to alternate servers?

A. Amazon CloudFront
B. Amazon GuardDuty
C. Amazon Route 53
D. AWS Trusted Advisor

Question 50. Which AWS Trusted Advisor feature is available exclusively to users with AWS Business Support or AWS Enterprise Support?

A. Notification setup
B. Refresh checks
C. AWS Support API
D. Action links

Question 51. The AWS global infrastructure consists of Regions, Availability Zones, and what else?

B. Data centers
C. Dark fiber network links
D. Edge locations

Question 52. A media company wants to distribute video content to millions of users worldwide over the internet. The company wants to use the AWS global network backbone to distribute cached content with low latency and high data transfer speeds. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. Amazon CloudFront
B. AWS Global Accelerator
C. AWS Direct Connect
D. Amazon Connect

Question 53. A bank needs to store recordings of calls made to its contact center for 6 years. The recordings must be accessible within 48 hours from the time they are requested.
Which AWS service will provide a secure and cost-effective solution for retaining these files?

A. Amazon DynamoDB
B. Amazon S3 Glacier
C. Amazon Connect
D. Amazon ElastiCache

Question 54. Which AWS service or feature provides information about ongoing or upcoming scheduled events that can affect an AWS account?

A. AWS Config
B. AWS Systems Manager
C. AWS Personal Health Dashboard
D. AWS Trusted Advisor

Question 55. Which statement is true about AWS global infrastructure?

A. Availability Zones can span multiple AWS Regions.
B. A VPC can have different subnets in different AWS Regions.
C. AWS Regions consist of multiple Availability Zones.
D. A single subnet can span multiple Availability Zones.

Question 56. A company wants to securely access an Amazon S3 bucket from an Amazon EC2 instance without accessing the internet. What should the company use to accomplish this goal?

A. VPN connection
B. Internet gateway
C. VPC endpoint
D. NAT gateway

Question 57. Which of the following is an AWS best practice for managing an AWS account root user?

A. Keep the root user password with the security team.
B. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the root user.
C. Create an access key for the root user.
D. Keep the root user password consistent for compliance purposes.

Question 58. A company hosts images in an Amazon S3 bucket for a public-facing website that is viewed by millions of users around the globe. Which AWS service will deliver this content with reduced latency?

B. Amazon CloudWatch
C. Amazon Cloud Front
D. AWS CloudFormation

Question 59. A company has refined its workload to use specific AWS services to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Which best practice for cost governance does this example show?

A. Resource controls
B. Cost allocation
C. Architecture optimization
D. Tagging enforcement