AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02 Practice Exam Question 1

Question 1:
A university is running an internal web application on AWS that students can access from the university network to check their exam results. The web application runs on Amazon EC2 instances and pulls results from an Amazon DynamoDB table. Auto Scaling is currently configured to add a new web server when CPU greater than 80% for 5 minutes. DynamoDB is configured to increase both read and write capacity units by five when utilization is greater than 80%. Exam are released at 9:00 a.m, each Monday, and 80% of students attempt to access their unique results within the first 30 minutes. Despite Auto Scaling enabled, students are complaining of slow response times and errors when they view the site. There are no performance complaints after 9:30 am. Which recommendation should a Solutions Architect make to improve performance in a cost-effective manner?

A. Scale out the EC2 instances to ensure that the environment scales up and down based on the highest load
B. Implement Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator to improve database performance and remove the need to scale the read/write units.
C. Use a scheduled job to scale out EC2 before 9:00 am on Monday and to scale down after 9:30 am
D. Use Amazon cloudfront to cache web request and reduce the load on EC2 and DynamoDB

Hint Answer: C
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