Google Professional Security Engineer Practice Exam Question 1

Question 1:
Developers in an organization are prototyping a few applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and are starting to store sensitive information on GCP. The developers are using their personal/consumer Gmail accounts to set up and manage their projects within GCP. A security engineer identifies this practice as a concern to the organization management because of the lack of centralized project management and access to the data being stored in these accounts. Which solution should be used to resolve this concern?

A. Enforce the setup of Security Keys as the 2SV method for those Gmail accounts.
B. Set up Google Cloud Identity and require the developers to use those accounts for GCP work.
C. Require the developers to log/store their Gmail passwords with the Security team.
D. Enable logging on all GCP projects to track all developer activities.

Hint Answer: B
Source: Google Professional Security Engineer Practice Exam
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