PSM II Professional Scrum Master II Question 43

Steven is a Scrum Master of a Scrum Team that is new to Scrum. At the halfway point of the Sprint, the Product Owner comes to Steven telling him that he is concerned the Development Team will not be able to complete the entire Sprint Backlog by the end of the Sprint. What should Steven do in this situation?

A. Motivate the Development Team to meet their commitment to the Product Owner.
B. Coach the Product Owner that with complex software development, you cannot promise the entire scope that was forecast during Sprint Planning. As more is learned during the Sprint, work may emerge that affects the Sprint Backlog.
C. Advise the Product Owner that the Development Team owns the Sprint Backlog and it is up to them to meet their commitments. No one tells the Development Team how to turn Product Backlog into Increments of potentially releasable functionality.
D. Add more people to the Development Team to meet the Product Owner’s expectations.

Hint Answer: B